Zombie Gift List: Top 10 Undead Presents

10. The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, Retail $13.95, 288 pages, Published in 2003

The all-time zombie classic will aid you in your preparation for the apocalypse. If you haven’t read Brooks’ insightful take on the sub-genre, then you must be dead already (or undead).

9. Zombie, 2-Disc Ultimate Edition, Retail $39.98, 92 minutes, Directed by Lucio Fulci, aka Zombi 2

The giallo classic is one of the finest examples of on-screen special effects. Take in the glory of the famous zombie vs. shark sequence, and check out those undead creatures emerging from the soil. Zombies have never looked so real than in Lucio Fulci’s Italian masterpiece. Click here for our review.

8. The Brain Eater’s Bible by J.D. McGhoul with Pat Kilbane, Retail $19.95, 151 pages, Published in 2011

Pat Kilbane, who made an infamous guest appearance on Seinfeld, has crafted an original survival guide not for humans, but for zombies. J.D. McGhoul is our host and he tells us everything we need to know about surviving once you’ve been infected. Funny written segments are coupled with a host of visual photographs and diagrams. Click here for our review.

7. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, 3-Disc Special Edition, Retail $59.97 (Blu-ray)

Robert Kirkman’s uber-successful comic book has been made into an uber-successful television series on AMC. As season two continues to roll along (new episodes return in February), newbies can catch up on the first season with this special edition, featuring a treasure trove of bonus features.

6. Gorgeous & Gory 2012 Zombie Pinup Calendar, Retail $25

I’m not sure if this one needs much explanation. If you’re into this thing, then consider yourself informed. If you’re not into this type of thing, then consider yourself warned.

5. Tickets to a horror convention

Choose your zombie event wisely: Monster-Mania in New Jersey (click here), Days of the Dead in Atlanta (click here) or Monsterpalooza in Los Angeles (click here). Tickets run $20-$25 for general admission.

4. Kyra Schon is one of the most famous zombies in movie history. She plays the little girl in the original Night of the Living Dead (remember that trowel). The actress also sells a whole host of cool gifts at her online store. Click here for more information.

3. Rammbock: Berlin Undead, Retail $14.93, 64 minutes, Directed by Marvin Kren

This is the best zombie movie of 2011, a must-buy for undead fans.

2. Zombies!: An Illustrated History of the Undead, By Jovanka Vuckovic, Retail: $17.99, 176 pages, Published in 2011

The best zombie movie of 2011 is Rammbock. The best zombie book of 2011 is Zombies!, a complete guide to the undead’s history in pop culture.

1. A donation to save the chapel used in the film Night of the Living Dead.

The Evans City Cemetery Chapel, which was seen in the introductory scenes of George A. Romero’s classic zombie film, is in a dire state of disrepair. There’s currently a campaign underway to save the chapel and preserve its cinematic history. Click here for more information. T-shirts are also available.

By John Soltes / Publisher / John@HollywoodSoapbox.com

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