Charles Band is back with ‘Evil Bong 3D’

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If you’re expecting the eloquence of William Shakespeare from a movie titled Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong, then you’re dumber than some of the characters in this stoner comedy.

Charles Band, the legendary horrormeister behind the Puppermaster series, directs the third installment in Full Moon Direct’s Evil Bong series. The main difference this time around is that the marijuana shenanigans jump off the screen, both through the eyes and the nose. Screenings of Evil Bong 3D come complete with the requisite 3D glasses, but also Sniff-O-Rama cards that let you take in the many gross smells of this B-movie. Both of these features make watching Evil Bong 3D a throwback to the days of drive-in theaters and Saturday horror matinees. Kudos to the people who thought to include the technology.

The actual film leaves much to be desired, though Band and the cast members seemingly give it their all. It’s almost pointless to try and review the film, because it’s not meant to be award-worthy. This is a low-budget horror comedy that strives to be a funny, 90-minute distraction. On that scale, it achieves what it sets out to accomplish. When compared to other films (though the movie is quite incomparable), Evil Bong 3D trips up.

Charles Band - Photo courtesy of Full Moon Direct

The plot surrounds an evil bong that plummets to earth and seeks world domination. The bong is discovered in the woods by a husband (the great character actor Irwin Keyes, in a funny performance) trying to bury his wife. He brings the drug device to a local novelty store run by a bunch of stoners. One thing leads to another, and suddenly the bong begins transporting victim after victim to an alternate world where alien women seduce men with come-hither glances. Although corny, the “other world” actually has a great H.P. Lovecraftian feel to it and seems to fit the movie perfectly.

The only way the stoners can save the day is by employing the help of Eebee (voiced by Michelle Mais), a smart-talking bong who should be familiar to those who have seen the first two films. Eebee steals the show and is undoubtedly the funniest part of Evil Bong 3D. Her lines of dialogue are cleverly written and Mais is often hysterical.

Band has an uncanny ability of keeping the plot and characters light-hearted and fairly interesting. The gags all have to do with the usual staples of stoner comedy: Think Cheech & Chong on a lower budget. Some of Band’s early shots of Venice Beach in California are nicely filmed, as are a few of the special effects.

If you go in with an air of trying to have fun, you will likely enjoy Evil Bong 3D. If you’re expecting anything deep or profound, shame on you.

Special note: Try to catch Evil Bong 3D in one of Full Moon Direct’s one-day festival showings. Besides having the chance of meeting Charles Band, you will also catch some of Full Moon Direct’s other horror films like Re-Animator and From Beyond.

By John Soltes / Publisher /
  • Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong

  • 2011

  • Directed by Charles Band

  • Written by Patrick Klepek

  • Starring Christina DeRosa, Irwin Keyes and Dena Kollar

  • Running time: 90 minutes

  • Rating: ★☆☆☆

  • Click here for more information on Evil Bong 3D.

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