The ‘Star Trek’ Initiative: News and reviews from the Final Frontier

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Dear Trekkers (a term we prefer over Trekkies):

Hollywood Soapbox has covered the expansive Star Trek community for many months. With several previews and features of Trek actors appearing on the convention circuit, we’ve enjoyed reporting on the likes of Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and others. Now, it’s time to step up the coverage.

A new ongoing feature of Hollywood Soapbox — dubbed The Star Trek Initiative — will look into the many aspects of the decades-old franchise. We’ll kick things off by reviewing individual episodes from each series (beginning with Star Trek: The Original Series and continuing through Enterprise). We’ll comment on the movies that have come out and the movies still to come. We’ll continue our coverage of Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention, plus other events featuring notable cast members (like this year’s Philadelphia Comic Con). Anything and everything from Trek universe will become a reality on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for some exciting coverage. Feel free to offer up comments and suggestions as this cultural train leaves the station.

How long will it take? We don’t know, but it’ll probably be a “five-year mission.”

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