INTERVIEW: Fans can help bring ‘Jelly Vampire’ to print

Jelly Vampire is a new collection of comics from Ida Neverdahl. Art courtesy of creative team.

Ida Eva Neverdahl’s creation, Jelly Vampire, is a comic centered on the character of 13-year-old Lulu Lulusen. She has wondrous adventures that involve fantastical elements, including unicorns and sprell (a Norwegian word for practical joke or prank). It’s Neverdahl’s hope that a recent Kickstarter campaign will bring Jelly Vampire to a wider audience. She has teamed with publisher Maytal Gilboa and Emet Comics, a Los Angeles-based publisher focused on stories created by women, and they are planning Jelly Vampire’s first printed release in the English language.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 10, Neverdahl and Emet’s efforts have resulted in more than $10,000 raised, but they need a few more thousands to cross the finish line. The Kickstarter campaign promises that Jelly Vampire will have readers enjoying plenty of absurd humor and numerous unicorns.

Neverdahl, who also contributes to Vice, is widely known for her Like an Artist comic strip, which is actually included as one of the rewards on Kickstarter. Recently, Hollywood Soapbox exchanged emails with Neverdahl about the project. Questions and answers have been slightly edited for style.

How did the character of Lulu come to you? What’s the inspiration behind the

Lulu was the way I drew myself back in the days when I made diary comics. I drew myself as a
tiny, lumpy black haired girl, even though I was blonde and tall. I don’t know why. From there
she kinda grew into her own character, because I put her in weird situations that I would never
find myself in, like meeting all sorts unicorns and fighting monsters. At some point, I realized
she had just become her own person, and I named her Lulu.

Have you had a love of unicorns your entire life? How many unicorns can fans expect
in the Jelly Vampire collection?

I can’t remember myself, but my drawings from childhood tell me that I’ve been a fan for as long
as I’ve been drawing. I think I counted all the unicorns featured in the Jelly Vampire comics
once. I don’t know if it’s totally accurate, but around 233.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your partnership with Emet Comics and this
Kickstarter campaign?

I’m hoping to get the book printed (in English for the first time) and delivered to backers and that
a lot of new people will get to read the comic.

How long have you been into comics?

Always. Before I could read my parents would read comics to me, and as soon as I could draw,
I started making them myself.

Who do you see as your target audience with Jelly Vampire?

Jelly Vampire has a very broad appeal. I think there’s something for everyone in this collection.
Some of Lulu’s adventures are light hearted and jolly; others are more weird and gory. I think
the target audience is anyone who likes goofy adventures and weird creatures.

What are some of the important themes that you hope readers take away from Jelly

I hope they feel weirded out but also maybe inspired somehow — to see that the world is filled with goofs and magic sometimes.

By John Soltes / Publisher /

As of Tuesday, Oct. 10, Jelly Vampire had seven days remaining on a joint Kickstarter campaign with publisher Emet Comics. Click here for more information.

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