‘DEXTER’ REVIEW: Season Four, Episode Two

Review of “Remains to be Seen” (04:02)

Dexter’s season four continues on a fast clip with episode two, “Remains to be Seen.”

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is recovering from a serious car accident, but the only thing on his mind is where the body bags are from his last kill. With the police searching his vehicle after the crash, the blood specialist/serial killer is convinced that the jig is up and they found the body.

But after leaving the hospital against doctor’s orders, Dexter finds that no one seems to mention the remains of Benny Gomez, the dearly departed. Did he get away with another crime? But then where is the body?

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The only way Dexter is able to retrace his steps is to rely on the help of his father’s ghost, Harry Morgan (James Remar), a character that has blossomed over the years. Despite being dead for decades, Dexter’s father is one of the most important creations on the series. It gives the show’s writers a chance for the serial killer to talk to someone about his deep, dark secrets. It’s a clever, albeit easy, storytelling device.

Where episode two goes wrong is with an off-screen investigation involving “the Vacation Killer,” a person apparently targeting tourists in Miami. The press, including hot young reporter, Christine Hill (Courtney Ford), are all over the murders, but the show never dives into too many specifics over the case. The reason is because the Vacation Killer pales in comparison to the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), a malevolent man who is recreating murder scenes that took place three decades prior. Keeping track of who is hunting Trinity and who is tracking the Vacation Killer is a little too confusing for a show that prides itself on simplicity.

The one good development with the addition of Christine Hill as a character is that it gives Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) someone to keep his interest on his personal time.

Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) seem to be the only homicide detectives who understand the real threat. If it weren’t for their efforts, Trinity wouldn’t even be a character.

The character of Rita (Julie Benz) is as annoyi0ng as ever. Dexter’s new wife is where the show has faltered badly. Every other episode, Rita just gets in the way of the interesting stories. I would much rather spend time in the Miami Homicide offices than at home with the whining Rita. In this episode, she’s all over Dexter for not telling her about the accident and that the doctor told him not to drive. Oh, Dexter, we really need to work as a team here. Blah!

We’ll keep watching.

By John Soltes / Publisher / John@HollywoodSoapbox.com
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  • Starring Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Keith Carradine, John Lithgow, C.S. Lee, Desmond Harrington, Lauren VĂ©lez, Julie Benz and David Zayas

  • Rating: ★★½☆

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