INTERVIEW: Want to build a ‘Star Wars’ starfighter? Now you can!

Adam Bray is the author of Star Wars Builders: Starfighters. Photo courtesy of the author.

The revitalized Star Wars franchise has been pumping out stellar films, and 2017 appears to be no different. With Episode VIII on the horizon, what can a fanboy or fangirl do to pass the time? Well, look no further than Adam Bray’s new book, Star Wars Builders: Starfighters.

That’s right, if one’s fantasy is to build the Star Wars galaxy from the ground up, starfighters like the X-wing and TIE fighter are now at a person’s fingertips. Bray’s book, out now from Silver Dolphin Books, combines interesting facts about everyone’s favorite attack ships and also the means to build a couple.

Included in Star Wars Builders: Starfighters are 31 pieces that allow readers to build an X-wing (sweet) and TIE fighter (double sweet).

Here’s what the publisher has to say about Bray and his career: Bray was once an integral member of a large chimpanzee colony. The beard may have helped. After a stint as an illustrator and composer, he turned to less lofty pursuits, chasing international misadventures in exotic locations. Bray found a few hobbits in New Zealand. Blink, and you’ll miss him on the Blu-ray. He has written for CNN TravelNational Geographic News, and contributed words and photos to a few dozen guidebooks. Adam is the author of DK’s Star Wars: What Makes a Monster? and Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide. He hopes to add to that list of Star Wars books and build his own astromech one day, too.

Recently, Hollywood Soapbox exchanged emails with Bray about the new book. Questions and answers have been slightly edited for style.

When did you first get interested in Star Wars?

As [a] child, I saw the original Star Wars movie at a drive-in theater. It made such an impression on me that I became completely obsessed with Star Wars and began collecting all the action figures, toy ships, Topps trading cards and other merchandise that I could get my hands on! Of course, I’ve been a fan ever since.

How did you get attached to the Starfighters book project?

I had contributed to a variety of Star Wars books by this time and had just begun working on a larger book about stormtroopers for the publisher when I was asked to write this Starfighters book in the meantime. Before writing books about Star Wars, I was a travel writer and contributed to more than 40 travel guides, so I already had lots of publishing experience under my belt.

Star Wars Builders: Starfighters is now available from Silver Dolphin Books. Image courtesy of Media Masters Publicity.

Do you have a preference: X-wings or TIE fighters?

TIE fighters! I’m always captivated by the Star Wars villains and their cool technology!

How technical and detailed did you feel the book needed to be?

The book is for young readers, so it didn’t need to be overly technical. It is largely an overview with story anecdotes. It gives kids a survey of all the highlights of each major ship seen in the Star Wars movies, with references to their appearance in the animated shows. That being said, there is a surprisingly large amount of information packed into these books!

What is so special about being part of the Star Wars fandom?

Star Wars is great because it is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what someone’s background is. That single shared interest unites fans in a way that no other franchise can. When I attend conventions like Star Wars Celebration, there’s an instant bond with other fans — it’s like we are all one big family, or suddenly old friends, even though we might be meeting for the first time. That shared experience as a lifelong fan is a strong bond.

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Star Wars Builders: Starfighters is now available. Click here to purchase. Also check out Adam Bray’s Facebook page and Twitter page. His next book is Star Wars Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor. Check out Hollywood Soapbox’s interviews with the authors of Star Wars Even More Crochet and Star Wars Builders: Droids.

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