INTERVIEW: Blood Manor terrifies NYC with ‘Jack-o-Terror’

Blood Manor, the annual haunted house experience in New York City, is continuing to scare visitors on a nightly basis. Located downtown at 163 Varick St., the attraction costs $30-$45, with plenty of discounts available.

Recently, Hollywood Soapbox exchanged emails with Jim Faro, one of the creators of Blood Manor.

As compared to previous years, what’s new about the 2013 Blood Manor?

We have added some new themed rooms — Shocktorium; Carnival of Souls starring the Jack-o-Terror; Jungle Terror; the 3D maze was new for 2012 but many patrons did not see it due to storm; several changes to other rooms by way of costuming, actors, etc.

Do you have a lot of patrons who become too scared and can’t make it until the end?

Absolutely — several every night who use the chicken exit. One women [sic] left the line on Saturday right before going in, dropped her phone and when we yelled for her to come back, she said “I’m leaving, keep it.”

How many performers are needed to bring Blood Manor to life?

[Approximately] 45.

How did the idea for Blood Manor originate?

Mike Rodriguez and I were home haunters and got together — stems from a passion for Halloween.

What’s the biggest challenge of preparing the haunted house for the public?

Trying to outdo yourself every year — and managing the lines. We try to move people in in a reasonable time frame so everyone can enjoy the attraction and have the wait time reduced. We provide lots of outdoor entertainment in trying to make the wait part of the Blood Manor experience.

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