INTERVIEW: Kristen Luman of Syfy’s ‘Ghost Mine’ discusses her paranormal experiences

Kristen Luman of 'Ghost Mine' — Photo courtesy of Syfy

Kristen Luman of ‘Ghost Mine’ — Photo courtesy of Syfy

When Kristen Luman was only 12 years old, she started a ghost club in her hometown, held séances at slumber parties and cleared the local library of all books on things that go bump in the night. From these humble supernatural beginnings, she has built a career around the field of paranormal psychology, helping people discern between the manifestations of their mind and the so-called spirit world.

Luman’s work, along with her colleague Patrick Doyle, is highlighted in the new Syfy reality series Ghost Mine, set to premiere Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 10 p.m. The spirits they’re after are those that supposedly haunt the Crescent Mine in the remote forests of Oregon. Traveling down dark passageways, weary of future cave-ins, the two set up their investigative equipment to find the ghosts deep within the mountain.

For Luman, her work on the show started with a phone call from Doyle. “The paranormal community is kind of small, and you kind of know everybody,” Luman said recently during a phone interview. “(Doyle) and I had worked together before. And he really liked the way that I investigated.”

Luman is more based in psychology while Doyle’s research is based in technology. “He’s a lot more technologically savvy than I am,” she said. “And I rely on the technology, and he kind of helps me through it.”

Kristen Luman — Photo courtesy of Syfy

Kristen Luman — Photo courtesy of Syfy

The paranormal investigator began her work by researching the people in the community that surrounds Crescent Mine. “We always do research to kind of find out about the area, the history, what the people are like,” Luman said. “But it was actually really cool, because while we were filming, you know meeting the people in the town and everything, we got to learn a lot more just being around the people and being in the town itself. … The mystery just kind of kept unfolding and unfolding and unfolding as we were filming.”

Luman admitted to not being scared of the paranormal, but she is claustrophobic, which makes working in a mine a challenge. “(W)hen Patrick said we’d be investigating a mine, I was like, ‘Oh jeez, I hope I can do this,'” she said. “I thought this would be a great research to do experiments and field research basically in a mine, because mines … can be very disorienting for people. It’s black, no lights, low oxygen. I mean all this kind of stuff can play into someone having a supernatural experience. So, that was really cool for me to be able to study what was happening with the men while they were working and how that played into what they were experiencing.”

Another challenge for Luman was the resistance from the miners themselves. Many of them say it’s bad luck to have a woman in the tunnels, especially a redheaded woman like Luman. “So that was kind of a surprise to me when I got there,” she said. “It was also a little bit rattling. … So I kind of had to prove myself to them.”

Luman said the bad-luck legend stems from Crescent Mine’s history. Apparently women only went into the mine to identify a body after a tragedy. “And there’s a story from what I got from one of the miners about a redheaded woman going into a mine, and then there was a cave-in after the redheaded woman left,” she said. “And so that had something to do with the whole myth behind no redheaded women in mines.”

Did the paranormal investigators find anything? They wouldn’t just call a show Ghost Mine for anything. Luman is mostly tight-lipped about the findings, but she did allow a few morsels of mystery: “We soon realized that the mine was associated with the town itself, and then we had even more things, more of the mystery to uncover. … It wasn’t just the mine anymore. If that makes sense without giving away too much.”

Deciphering fact from fiction is a specialty of Luman’s, and that ability can be most helpful in such a difficult workplace as a mine. “When you’re in a mine, one of people’s innate fears is darkness,” she said. “And you know you lose light in there and your brain starts just going crazy with sounds and seeing things. And anything could be coming around the corner. And oxygen levels also affect that, so that was another thing to keep in mind. We had a device that measured the amount of oxygen in the air that we used every time we went into the mine.”

Luman offered a lot of credit to the miners for their skills and courage of going into darkness on a daily basis. “I mean it’s scary,” she said.

Ghost Mine is the culmination of a lifelong fascination with the paranormal. “I was also fascinated about the power of the mind and what the mind itself can create,” Luman said. “So I put those two kind of together and when I was just going to school for psychology … paranormal psychology really kind of just piqued my interest and got me back involved in all of that. And I thought how amazing would it be to kind of study both, as someone who is a believer in the paranormal, but also is a believer in how powerful the mind is and how the mind can play tricks on you. And trying to actually discover what is real, what is actually a paranormal experience, and what is something that somebody’s mind might manifest.”

Any doubts about the existence of spirits? Luman is a firm believer, with no wiggle room for suspicion. “I’ve always had no doubt that there’s things that can’t be explained,” she said. “We can explain some of it, but there’s a lot of stuff that we can’t explain.”

Luman said she hopes the reality series spawns future seasons. “Investigating in a mine has never been done before,” she said. “I’m actually a certified miner now. … So a lot of investigators aren’t going to take the time of that many hours of schooling and lessons.”

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20 Responses to INTERVIEW: Kristen Luman of Syfy’s ‘Ghost Mine’ discusses her paranormal experiences

  1. Me says:

    This show was terrible. Another reality show where they get good ‘ole country folk to repeat lines for the cameras.

    LMAO at this woman claiming she didn’t know what minors thought of women (and red headed ones at that!) being in the mines.
    Wow, what a coincidence!

    This show was obviously scripted and acted out terribly.

    • Sue says:

      Boy some people just don’t get it. This woman is an educated investigator who has trained for this all her life. Those that say the show is fake or scripted is just plain stupid.

      You cannot actually say that you can explain some of the evidence they found. If you can then you need to make your own show and prove to those who watch this show just exactly how it’s done and what was going on in that mine and town. PROVE IT’S FAKE, ME!!!!! Bet you can’t and you’re an idiot.

    • nick says:

      it was a great show and I hope they return.If not at the Crescent,then the mne in Arizona.Great job crew,actors,miners and production staff…nick

  2. [email protected] says:

    Hello Kristen. How are you doing. I just got to say that you you are doing a great job at this New Show Ghost Mine. Keep up the good work.

  3. Paul Jurczyszyn says:

    Just seen the show goat mine. I have been a ghost hunter fan for a long time but I’m now converting over to your show… I like the approaches you are taken and no b.s about spiders,and things that killed the ghost hunter team. Keep it up and if you need a spair hand look me up I’m in to finding the truth and solving the unknown.
    Paul J

  4. Jimmy says:

    I am glad to see you are a real Paranomal Investigator,I like the show and hope it is for real. At least you can tell you are not actors. Good Luck

  5. Susie Mermaid says:

    Pssst – It “leary,” to be suspicious of, not “weary” to be tired.
    “…weary of future cave-ins…”

  6. Pamela says:

    Hi to all! Loved last seasons shows, and will be looking forward to this years (2013), also. Read on another website where you had some “close-calls”. Hope all the Miners and Investigators stay safe. And yep, I have my very special potholder. Plan on going back next summer, as we go to that area every year, and hopefully I’ll get that one elusive signature.
    ~Take Care & Stay Safe~
    P.S. Lived in both the Gresham area, and near Baker City.

  7. Matt says:

    Hahaha @Jimmy. Good to see she is a real paranormal investigator and not an Actor!!! SHE IS AN ACTOR!!! she has been in movies on SYFy!!

  8. Carol Dukes says:

    I absolutely love this show !! Have watched it from the beginning and have seen things that I can’t explain, and the experts can’t explain. I love the miners, their superstitions and how they have come to rely on Patrick and Kristin for some things. Great show and I hope that SYFY keeps it on !

  9. I Love the show. I just found it toward the end of last season.I like the fact thst everyone on the show are real.the mine s for Larry that scared!!!

  10. Jaysen Young says:

    Hi Kristen, I love this show, and enjoy every episode. You and Patrick have great on air chemistry, and I love the way you guys take care of each other. I hope everyone stayed safe through season 2 shooting, as I’m sure the show has wrapped season 2…Good Luck, and I’ll be watching!!!!

  11. Bill Turner says:

    Really enjoy the show. The combination of gold mining, ghost hunting and historical analysis is great. The characters appear to be real down to earth people that take their work seriously and respectfully.

  12. Ted Johns says:

    I absolutely love the show and every aspect of it. Though I doubt the one alleged skeptic is as skeptical as he claims to be given all he’s encountered. From the research to the psychology and the technical aspects of the investigation, it is the best ghost hunting show on TV today.

  13. Bob says:

    Kristen I love this show, I hope there is more seasons to come. To all the people that don’t like this show, easy cure don’t watch it.

  14. Trevor says:

    Is it just me, or is Kristen very beautiful. I keep watching to get a glimpse of her in her cute little hard hat, and rubber boots. Way to cast this show. The minors are hard, the scenery is gorgeous, and the incidents are real. Looking forward to Wednesday nights. Thanks Ghost Mine!

  15. Greg Jones says:

    Love this show and Kristen is not the only
    Reason for watching this show but she is
    Hot as hell. Greg

  16. David Sperry says:

    I’ve been watching this show since inception. I find the show unique compared to others of this genre.
    And like you Greg, it’s a toss-up as to why I watch…for the paranormal or for Kristen!

  17. RobertM says:

    Kristen and Patrick, spice it up a little! You guys are far too serious. It’s like you’re sleepwalking your way through the show!

  18. SeanX says:

    Kristen ( & company )…OK show,it was but Waaaaay too scripted to the point of it seemed telepromtered…ditto for the miner actors ( mountain monsters/finding Bigfoot ) Sheeeeesh!! the show needed a shot of sexy n real life language ( n yeh folks, ghosts exist!!)

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